» » 2013 Yamaha SUPER TENERE XT1200Z Dual Sport Johnson Creek WI

2013 Yamaha SUPER TENERE XT1200Z Dual Sport Johnson Creek WI

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Key Features: The Super T¿¿n¿¿r¿¿ is built for adventure, with an exceptionally compact 1199cc parallel twin with a unique 270¿¿ crank for excellent torque and traction. Engine mass is kept low for excellent handling. Narrow 2-cylinder inline engine is slim and compact for carving tight lines in twisty mountain roads. Wide-ratio 6-speed transmission has the right gear, whether on the open highway or off-road. Twin downdraft fuel injection with YCC-T¿¿ (Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle) delivers optimum throttle control and acceleration. Two-position ¿¿¿D-Mode¿¿¿ (Drive Mode) throttle-response mapping for rider preference. Traction control lets the rider get on the gas with more confidence. It regulates ignition timing and fuel injection based on wheel spin. Three modes available to match rider preference, including off. Super T¿¿n¿¿r¿¿ has both an Antilock Braking System (ABS) and Unified Braking System (UBS). With UBS, squeezing the front brake alone also provides some rear-wheel braking; pressing the rear brake first overrides UBS for traditional separate front and rear braking action. Whether riding across town or crossing a continent, rider comfort and convenience are important. Super T¿¿n¿¿r¿¿ delivers, with an adjustable seat height and windshield, tunable front and rear suspension, low-maintenance shaft drive, and more. Special spoked wheels carry tubeless tires. Multi-function carrier system on back is ready for optional luggage and touring accessories.Engine: The 1199cc parallel twin liquid-cooled engine features a unique 270¿¿ crank for superior traction because both pistons fire so closely together. It¿¿¿s almost like having a big-bore thumper without the uncomfortable vibration. Compact engine design uses a dry-sump oil supply inside the crankcase, and side-mounted radiator for surprising narrowness. 8-valve cylinder head optimizes the fuel charge for spirited performance. The cylinder head cover is ultra-lightweight magnesium to help centralize mass. A two-axis primary balancer smoothes out engine vibration for all-day riding comfort. Forged aluminum pistons and carburized connecting rods for durability and performance. Downdraft twin bore fuel injection system with 12-hole injectors is tuned for off-road adventures, and is equally at home on long stretches of open highway. Proven YCC-T fly-by-wire technology is matched to a traction control system, which regulates ignition timing and fuel injection volume based on rear wheel spin. Three rider-selected modes are available to match conditions and the rider¿¿¿s preference. Yamaha D-Mode has two settings: ¿¿¿T-mode¿¿¿ for Touring and general riding, giving a softer response; ¿¿¿S-mode¿¿¿ for Sport riding when the rider wants the most performance possible.
  • Year: 2013
  • Make: Yamaha
  • Trim: XT1200Z
  • Type: Dual Sport
  • Location: Johnson Creek, WI
  • Contact
    Rock River Powersports
    400 N. Watertown St
    Johnson Creek, WI 53038
    (877) 747-0580
    Rock River is equipped to service Yamaha and most power sports brands.

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